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Newly Diagnosed

When Kidneys Fail

Healthy kidneys clean the blood by removing excess fluid, minerals, and wastes. Kidneys also make hormones that keep bones strong

Hemodialysis Procedure

In hemodialysis, the blood is allowed to flow through the bloodlines into a special filter that removes wastes and extra fluids.

ArterioVenous Fistula (AVF)

A very important step before starting hemodialysis is preparing a vascular access, a site on the body (the arm) from which the blood

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Helpful Resources
  • American Kidney Fund The mission of the American Kidney Fund is to fight kidney disease through direct financial support to patients in need; health education; and prevention efforts
  • FMQAI Has been at the forefront of health care information for Floridians since 1999. They are dedicated to improving quality care delivery. By collaborating with physician practices, health plans, home health agencies, nursing homes, rehabilitation facilities, and hospitals.
  • Center for Medicaid & Medicare
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