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Not All Dialysis Centers are Created Equal!

We understand that choosing a dialysis facility to care for you represents an important decision. You will spend a large amount of time in the location you choose to receive your dialysis so selecting the best provider is essential.

At Johnson Dialysis we love our patients and our entire philosophy focuses around providing excellent, unparalleled patient care. Here's how we differ from other dialysis centers you may encounter.

  • We maintain an immaculate standard of cleanliness in our facility at all times.
  • We provide light snacks for our patients including coffee, juice, tea, bagels, etc. Our patients are with us for several hours so we feel that deserve to have their needs fully met.
  • Our facility has 15 dialysis stations and one (1) isolation dialysis station manned by qualified, well-trained, and experienced Registered Nurses and Patient Care Technicians duly licensed by the State of Florida.
  • Johnson Dialysis also employs other individuals focused solely on the quality of care an individual patient experiences including a social worker, a dietitian and medical director.
  • Our treatment philosophy centers on the appropriate use of the caring human touch to make clients as comfortable and well-cared for as possible.
  • We have flexible business hours to accommodate even the business schedules. For our hours please Click Here

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